Website Portfolio

I am taking the year of 2021 to fine-tune my skillset prior to actively seeking employment. Here's what I've been working on.
Third Kingdom Goods
  • Languages: None
  • Features: This is a design project for a start-up business' Instagram. I am both designing the image, and writing copy for, Instagram posts biweekly throughout the year of 2021.
  • Lessons Learned: Throughout this project I will be practicing design concepts and programs such as Photoshop and Canva.
Alpine Growth Wellness
  • Languages: HTML, CSS
  • Features: I learned how to use the "Flex" function in CSS in order to make this website responsive and professional-looking. My client wanted a website that was easy to navigate, accessible, and simple.
  • Lessons Learned: This was my first professional website build and I throughouly researched many elements that I was implementing to ensure my client had a clean, simple, and professional-looking site.
Vanilla JavaScript Weather App
  • Languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Features: API to pull weather data, Bootstrap grid, geolocation, unit conversion, local time and date.
  • Lessons Learned: This was my first ever coding project completed through the SheCodes Plus online course. I enjoyed styling this app and making the simple animation. The use of the API taught me a lot about how the internet works to fetch information for websites.

I'm new to the field, but eager to learn. Connect with me today to see if my skillset and your needs are a good match. Pricing dependent on request during 2021.